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So this is my personal space.

My crib.

And I welcome you.

I’m not entirely sure how you got here – maybe it’s through a face to face meeting, maybe it’s through an article, maybe it’s through some videos.

Thanks for dropping by!

Being All That I Can Be

This blog of mine has been rebuilt so many times over the years, I’ve lost count.

Right now, there isn’t a goal for the site… it evolves as I am continuing to evolve.

To be all that I can be.

Who Is Asher?

I started out serving the market place in the financial services, after that, I spent more time on learning how to create a business online.

I’ve also spoken on stage and conducted workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam.

These workshops were on topics such as SEO, marketing, product creation, copywriting, personal branding, traffic strategies, etc

I’m still improving myself with each speaking and training opportunity.

Whatever I trained, I always strive to give as much value as I possibly can.

After working as a trainer for a few years, I decided to work in a digital agency where I’ve serviced and worked with clients from OCBC, Lexus, NTUC Plus! – just to name a few.

What Else Does Asher Do?

I’ve been an amateur actor since 2005. There was a short time when I went professional but I realized that I really enjoyed it much more when I dedicated it to my church‘s drama ministry.

Here are some of the shows I’ve been involved in.

Production: Unforgotten (Easter 2017)

Production: Finding Home (Christmas 2016)

Production: The Messiah I Know (Easter 2016)

Production: The Quest – A Christmas Adventure (Christmas 2015)

Production: Runaway (Easter 2015)

Production: Father’s Day 2014

Production: Christmas at Pooperwick (Christmas 2013)

Short film: Chasing Donkeys

Production: S.M.E. (Mother’s Day 2013)

Production: Crossroads (Easter 2013)

Production: Because it’s Christmas (Christmas 2012)

Production: Valentine’s 2012

Social Media


Photo credit: Straits Times, April 15 2009

In 2009, I was 4th in Singapore for the most number of followers on Twitter when Singapore was just getting started into social media.

I have since dropped a whole bunch of followers and it’s perfectly fine by me.

To be perfectly honest, I have not been updating my Twitter account for a really long time.

Probably due to the fact that I’ve made a conscious effort to not have data connection on the go.

I am much more active on Facebook so if we aren’t friends yet, do send me a message and friend request.

I almost hit the friend limit and have since (like Twitter) weaned down the number of friends.

Reason being, I lost touch and news with people I care about when the people who added me as friends (but never communicated) flooded my updates.

It’s at a good number now (less than 900).

I’m just living by the simple philosophy… 

“You can’t choose your family members but you can decide who to drop off your Facebook friends list” – Abraham Lincoln.