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It’s the truth, I’ve done my research – nobody has ever revealed what I’m going to expose as an internet marketer. Now, some people may hint at it, but I’ve not come across anyone who has dealt with this in any detail.

Now, I may be discounting myself early by saying that most people look at what I’m going to say as “Oh, I already know that”. But I’ll tell you one thing… take the things I’m sharing with you and apply them to your business, you’ll find that you will have the one thing most internet marketers don’t have – and that’s clarity.

So what is the shocking truth about making money online? Well, it’s that people never talk about it as a real project they must complete! Here’s what’s happening, you come across all those long salesletters and they talk about how all you need to do is follow their system and all the money you imagine will pop up in your account. The reason why that works so well is because it feeds into your inner lazy man and your greed glands – combine the two and you’ve got a deadweight debilitating thought stuck in your belief system that what you’re going to buy next will save you from your poverty.

It’s kind of like a really fat dude sitting on a couch – and demanding more chips, more Coke, more service while half-naked, gorging on the huge amounts of junk food in front of him.

It’s ugly – but that’s how most people are when it comes to Internet Marketing.

How on earth do you really make money? Simple, for only $47, you’ll get instant access to my proven system.

I’m not going to pitch you now – I only want you, dear reader, to “wake up”. To stop believing that buying the next shiny, sexy product will do anything for your savings account, except deflating it a little bit.

Let’s say you want to embark on making money online by creating a product, you must want to finish it. And you’ll need tools and strategies to help you get started and to help you complete it.

How do you get started? You must ask yourself these questions…

  1. What do I want to reveal in my product – does it solve a real need?
  2. When do I want to complete it?

That’s it. 2 simple questions will get you started. What do you want to do and when you want to finish it. Most people complete the 1st question with ease but when it comes to the 2nd question, they answer with “as soon as possible” or “when I get the time to do it”.

Again, truth be told, that will never happen. Something called Parkinson’s Law kicks in… “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion”. If you say it but don’t set a real deadline, it’s never going to happen.

Why? If you’re an internet marketer, I’m going to assume you are a smart person – intellectually. The problem with smart intellectual people is that they know so much they want to incorporate all their knowledge into the thing they’re working on.

So even though they know what they want and they know what they want to do, they don’t do it. And that’s why outsourcing or insourcing helps so much over here – you’re getting someone who doesn’t know as much as you do, to simply do it. Quite literally, you’re too smart for your own good.

So get someone else to do the grunt work. Give them the deadline. Not you. Because if you set your deadline on yourself, unless you’ve got really good self-discipline, you’re going to move the deadline to a different date. And then, you’ll just beat yourself over it before you die because you just kept pushing and pushing and pushing it away. You must set a deadline and stick to it.

After you’ve determined what you want to create and when you want to finish it, you’ll then need to get into creating it. You create what you like to do, what’s interesting to you. Because what you want to create is known only to you, you need to convert it from your brain signals into something other people can connect with.

First of all, I’d like to get into a mindmap. You can use mindmapping software but I like to draw it all out on a piece of paper. I’ll literally dump all my ideas on the pieces of paper and translate that into the computer via software. That way, when I put it from paper to computer, it’ll go through another round of filtering by myself as I decide whether the idea is suitable or not. Oh yes, before I put it into the computer, I’ll sometimes take a day or two just to let the idea simmer in. I’ll give my subconscious time to make it better.

And when that’s done, start creating the product in your favorite modality. If you like to talk, do an audio recording or video recording. If you like to write, then write. When you’re done with capturing all your ideas – this will be the raw file with which other people will help convert into other formats for you.

For example, if you did a video or audio recording, when you’re done with it, hand it off to your team, let them transcribe it, let them put up the video effects, let them turn it into a blog post, article, etc. You don’t add any value into it by converting it into a different format. So don’t waste time on it.

If you wrote it out, the next thing to do is to get it proofread. Clean it up and then have a voice over artiste record it into audio format, get someone to create the video slides and sync the audio together with the video slides.


Then proceed to compile the work into a product and you’re done. You, as the originator of the idea, need to be the overseer of the project. Whether everything is going exactly as you wanted. Always remember to keep the time schedule and deadlines. Otherwise, you’ll never get anything done.