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Making Money on Twitter?

Can it really be done? Are the claims on various “make money with Twitter” true? Can someone really make a lot of money just by following people, build up a mass following and tweet some affiliate links to make quick cash?

Here’s the truth behind it – and if you want to make some income with Twitter, I’m going to show you how you can do it with the exception of you having to pay money for it!

This article is going to ruffle the feathers of the “Tweet-thugs” as I rip out the rug of their claims.

There are 3 things you need to know, first, understand the basic idea of how Twitter works, secondly, the concept of building mass followers is flawed and lastly, how you can really make money with Twitter.

Let’s look a little closer at each point.

Understanding the Basic Idea of How Twitter Works – The login page of Twitter has the tagline: “The best way to discover what’s new in your world”. Or as it used to be… what’s going on now. The initial hype has somewhat passed now and people are now getting wiser as to how to use Twitter and what to expect on it.

The people are no longer idiots – they know what they want and if they deem so, they will unfollow you without you even knowing it happened.

“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci

You can’t do much with 140 characters (except if you type in Chinese/Japanese). The only reason people start following someone else is because that person offers short messages of interest, intrigue to their area of interest. Screw that up and you miss the whole basic idea.

The Concept of Building Mass Followers is FLAWED – Who are the people who have the most number of followers on Twitter? The answer: Celebrities. Ashton Kutcher being one of them but a recent post on Mashable says that he has little influence.

You can build followers but you don’t do it by the follow-me-and-I’ll-follow-you concept, you build it over time. One thing I noted is that even though celebrities like Ashton Kutcher may have little influence, 0.1% of 5 million is still 5,000 clicks if he has a link in his tweet.

I’ll be the first to admit, I built up my large following on Twitter with the flawed concept of “I’ll follow you so you’ll follow me” which I paid for by Twitter Nuke.

Even though flawed, this concept can still be used. I’m not denying the benefits of it, you CAN build a follower list with it but it’ll be a hollow following unless you decide to provide real, good value in the tweets you make. And to which, I come to my next point…

How You Can Really Make Money with Twitter – The short answer is: you make money AWAY from Twitter. Here’s what I mean… you get your followers AWAY from the constant flow of distraction on Twitter to where you can start communicating with them one-on-one – by using squeeze pages, etc.

As stated earlier, the hype has passed.

People don’t just randomly click on every anonymous link anymore – they award the click based on whether you’ve been tweeting good, relevant stuff and whether your pre-link message was enticing enough.

That’s just 1 method – the other method is to build a real relationship with someone.

Twitter allows you to chat up some well-known people and if you’re nice enough, they’ll respond back. Start tweeting with them and strike up a conversation whenever possible.

By doing so, you open up doors for yourself because you can start offering your service to that particular person if it matches… and he/she may also open doors for you because they see what kind of value you provide to your own followers and audience.

Building mass followers and throwing up a link or 2 to an affiliate link hardly converts now. Start providing real value in your tweets and really communicate with the people on your following. Be nice!

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