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Greatness. That’s something I think everybody deserves to have and something which everyone should strive for.


Greatness has its price. A price of mediocrity. You will always get to choose between greatness and something less. By default, we were destined for greatness. We have been trained by life and other people or circumstances to settle for less.

As a child, you were always dreaming huge. Dreaming the impossible things. When you dreamt of being a singer, it didn’t matter that you had an audience of 1. When you dreamt of being a super hero, it didn’t matter that it was all in your mind.

But you could see it. No one else did. You saw your dream and it was real.

No matter what anyone else said to you, you wouldn’t take no for an answer. You believed in yourself and you were willing to do what it takes to achieve your dreams.

Until you learned to settle for less.

Until life stopped you in your tracks and taught you the proven ways to avoid conflict, the proven ways to avoid failure, the proven ways to keep others happy.

It’s all doable – at the price of your personal happiness.

Remember the days and feelings when everything was possible, you knew anything is possible and things could be done. Even if you failed, you continued dreaming.

Never stop believing in yourself. Be a kid again. Imagine yourself, now, equipped with all the knowledge and all the wisdom you’ve gathered thus far in your life… but now, the limitations placed into your mind and belief system… removed, as if it were never there.

Where would you go?

What would you do?

You can achieve greatness in life. You can settle for less.

And you must choose.

For if you did not choose greatness, then you have settled for less.