Superstar Uncle Drama

Admittedly, the title of this post is misleading, it’s simply a combination of 3 things that happened these couple of weeks in June. There’s Project SuperStar, being an Uncle and the Father’s Day drama… and a bit of personal drama that happened in my life. So this is really a really long post from me to me (it’s my blog after all). It was such a packed and eventful 2 weeks of June. Continue reading

My Confession: 5 Minutes As Judas

In the darkness, I close my eyes and breathe deep, trembling, rubbing my hands in a slow, deliberate manner while anticipating the laughter of the Pharisees. I take a moment to silence my mind. The Pharisees laugh and I hear them no more. I step onto the stage and take my place in the dim light. I roll up my sleeves and carefully submerge my hands into the cold water. “My hands are dirty, I must wash them.” I take a step back in my mind and allow someone else to take control. For the next 5 minutes… Continue reading